Antique Penny Machines SFX



A special collection of bandits, allwin and other vintage mechanical machines broken down into arm pulls and releases, reel spins and stops and more.


Full sound list:


440 WAV files

96khz, 32bit

Uncompressed size: 458mb


High quality recordings of some beautiful clunks and whirs. Each machine has its own unique sound, and the sections can easily be mixed and matched to create new combinations of sounds for your own games.

The slot machines (bandits):

  • Aristocrat Clubmaster, Australia 1954
  • Aristocrat Nevada, Australia 1970s
  • BDR (Bread Bin), UK 1960s
  • Buckley Criss Cross, USA 1940
  • Grotechen Columbia, USA 1939
  • Jennings Chines Front, USA 1940s
  • Jennings Governer, USA 1950s
  • Jennings Peacock, USA 1932
  • Mills Hi-Top, USA 1950

Other machines:

  • Imperial Automatics (trade simulator), USA 1937
  • BMco Allwin Deluxe, USA 1920s
  • Rok-ola Worlds Fair Pinball, USA 1937
  • Mercury Marvel (trade simulator), USA 1939
  • Bergaman Ltd Rotary, Germany 1956
  • Groethen Reel 21 (poker machine), USA 1940
  • Gunter Wolff Duo-Mat, Germany 1956
  • Gunter Wolff Jupiter, Germany 1954

The sounds:

  • Arm/button push/pull/release (separated and altogether at different speeds)
  • Arm jams
  • Coin inserts, and fails
  • Reel spins (some full with fade/slowdown and some loops)
  • Reel stops (first, second and last stops giving different sounds)
  • Random clunks and thuds
  • Special symbol landing dings
  • Other individual sounds for all the different non-bandit machines