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BetSound is an audio company specialising in iGaming. We offer a range of premium quality audio services for all styles and themes of casino games. With well over 200 slot games and more than 10 years’ gambling audio experience under our belt, we have tackled many genres and are well equipped to take on wild new ideas. 

We’re aware that time constraints can be a large factor in the development of any kind of game, and we aim to accomodate this with extremely fast turnarounds.

We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations – If we notice you’ve missed out an important sound or two on your list/brief, we’ll often just throw it in for free. 

Free Sound Pack

If you’re not looking for anything bespoke, we have a free pack of general casino sounds available when you join our mailing list in the Contact section. This way you’ll also receive updates when we release new blog posts about our experiences, thoughts and advice on casino game audio.




Bespoke music in any genre

Sound Design

Immersive sound effects


Characters and general voiceovers

Audio Restoration

Fixing old sounds

Audio Q/A

Advice and quality testing


Middleware sound integration

A range of audio services

music - sfx - qa

Over the years we’ve amassed huge libraries of virtual instruments, production software and SFX from our own recordings and commercial royalty free products. Need a shakuhachi playing in unison with a 200 piece choir and a rennaisance lute, while snorting alligator sounds make up the rhythm section? We may have a few questions, but we’ve got you covered. 

There are many ways to approach slot machine audio in order to combat the common problems with messy clashing and sound level issues. We’re always available to offer advice on the best way around these issues, and are equally happy to work to finalised briefs. As we get to know clients, we keep notes of their preferences to make future work move even smoother.


restoration - v/o - implementation

We’re often asked to repair and improve audio files for old slots that are being remastered. We use the best audio restoration programs available for this, and when the files are unsalvageable we’ve had great results analysing and remaking the sounds from scratch. 

When a game needs vocal sounds, we have the facilities to record them ourselves, and also have many dialogue contacts from a variety of industries that we work with when more in depth VO is required. 

We’re seldom needed to implement sounds into a game, but with our solid knowledge of Unity and other engines as well as audio middleware programs, we’re more than prepared to get involved if you’re looking for some more sophisticated handling of the sounds in your game. 


some comments from our clients

Ben from BetSound has provided sound packs for our games for a number of years now. The quality, efficiency, speed and service has really been phenomenal. The interpretation of the specifications has been right on the mark from the first draft in almost all cases, and I look forward to continue working with him moving forward and cannot recommend him enough in fulfilling anyone’s sound requirements.
Daniel Lazarus
Revolver Gaming - CCO
I've been working on several projects with Ben at BetSound and I'm really impressed by the quality and the quick turn around times.
Peter Lundh
Northern Lights Gaming - CTO
I have had the pleasure of working with Ben over the past several years on more than twenty titles. His keen ear, natural talent and meticulous work ethic can’t be held in higher regard. Not only does Ben produce audio to a consistently high standard, but he is also an extremely reliable member of our team. On more than one occasion Ben has had to turnaround a large amount of audio within a tight deadline, but he has always risen to the challenge without compromising quality. As many of you reading this will understand, audio is a crucial aspect of any game and with Ben on your team, you can rest assured that his combined skill as both a musician and audio engineer will result in success.
Andy K
eyecon Services P/L - Creative Director
By far the best Sound Makers Iron Dog worked with. I've been using their services since a long while now and they always showed to be a very good professionals, no need to waste time with long explanations several times as they always get everything right first attempt and in no time. Great guys, is a real pleasure to work with them
Fabrizio Motta
Iron Dog Studio - Product Owner
It is always a pleasure working with Betsound. They hit the mark on all the briefs and amplify our product with a great audio experience.
Communication is key and we have a very good process in achieving the required results. They bring a lot of ideas to the table which has taken our games to the next level.
Hayden Zwart
hitsqwad interactive gaming - general

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